Who Wins The Acnezine VS Exposed Challenge

Are you looking for OTC anti acne products to get rid of acne? If yes, then the Exposed Skin Care System and Acnezine are two of the best options that you have. But, which one should you opt for? Let us find out by undertaking a comparative analysis of the two products.

Product range

The Exposed Skin Care System comprises of numerous skin care products. It includes the Exposed Facial Cleanser, Exposed Clearing Tonic, Exposed Acne treatment Serum and Exposed Clear Pore Serum. Since this acne treatment system makes use of multiple products, it provides a comprehensive solution to problem skin.

Acnezine, on the other hand, includes only two products, namely- Acnezine herbal pills and Acnezine acne moisturizing crème. Since the products included are limited, the results offered are also partial.


Both the products work to treat your acne, but the Exposed Anti Acne Solution delivers better results. This acne treatment system works on even severe acne forms such as nodules and cysts. Also, besides treating acne, it also provides relief from related conditions like redness, swelling and even scarring. It also revitalizes your skin and gives your skin a youthful appearance.

But, Acnezine works on only mild to moderate acne forms. This anti acne product does nothing to treat severe acne forms. Also, it only clears up your acne and does not contribute to the overall health of your skin.


Side effects are a concern with every anti acne product that you use. But this is not the case when you are using something as effective as the Exposed Skin care System. it makes use of only FDA approved ingredients so the risk of side effects is fairly lesser. The product is safe and does not cause any unwanted redness or irritation.

However, Acnezine does have its share of side effects. The product may cause initial flare up of acne. Also, it may lead to redness and itching in some cases.


Exposed Anti Acne Solution offers you a double guarantee, which is one of its kinds. The product offers you a 30 day clear skin guarantee as per which it promises you acne free skin within 30 days of using the product. It also provides you a 1 year money back guarantee. As per the 1 year guarantee policy, you can return the product within 1 year of purchase in case of dissatisfaction.

Though Acnezine too offers a money back guarantee, the guarantee policy is of a much shorter duration. Acnezine offers you a single guarantee and that too for a limited period of 90 days.

With this comparison, it would not be untrue to say that the Exposed Anti Acne Solution is definitely a better choice over Acnezine.

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