Vaginal skin tags and everything you should know about this problem!

Today vaginal skin tags are a pretty common disease which could appear on the body of women in any age category. It could bring uncomfortable feelings but we should mention that the main problem of the question is the esthetic side. This zone is very sensitive and even such kind of non-cancerous skin growths, which could come for some cm up could bring real discomfort.

Genital skin tags problem

They usually appear as the result of our aging, but it is possible to find vaginal skin tag even on the young girl body. Their shapes, locations, color and even sensitivity are not the same. To be clear, it is possible to find flat brown color genital skin tags, which are situated right close to the vaginal lips. In another case, it could be a kind of peduncle tag, colored in black. Their sizes could start from some millimeters till grape shape.

Reasons which leads to the problem

There are many theories which could explain their appearance. First of them is health changes after pregnancy. It is pretty common to find tags on in the situation when a woman is right after pregnancy and has natural big vagina lips. Skin without tonus and collateral damage is subject to change. Besides we shouldn’t forget about hormones. Their role in cell’s forming is too huge.

What is the danger

If there is no often frictions, the tag is probably could growth without bringing any discomfort. But if we talking about places, where the skin has a connection with underwear or some other additional factors which could bring rubbing, it is important to understand that tag could be damaged. In the irritated condition it is possible to feel pain and in some cases, damage could spread to the tissues around the tag. In that case, they could bleed, because genital women area has an effective blood supply.

What else you should know about vaginal skin tags

They grow on the base of connection with genital’s blood supply. As the result, their growth depends on it and in periods when menstruation comes it could enlarge sizes. It happens because of the blood flow stimulation. After periods are done, its size comes back in the previous shape.

When you should think about removal

Dermatologists say that if there is no discomfort with its location and visual part, it would be better to leave tag without removal. But at the same time, treatment is pretty easy and the chance to bring damage on its base is too small. It is non-cancerous skin growth, but you shouldn’t forget that skin neoplasm could be turned into cancer. Such cases are pretty rare but every woman who found the tag on her vaginal skin should know everything about real danger. Besides, all modern options of available treatment are effective and almost painless. It could be cryodestruction, laser therapy or another kind of options.

Attention! You shouldn’t try removing it without doctor’s help. It would make your situation worse.

So, as you can see, vaginal skin tags is a pretty common problem which has no solution about its appear question, but already has an effective treatment.

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