Exposed 5 Piece Basic Kit

Exposed is a known name in the world of skin care. The house of Exposed brings to you a vast array of specially formulated product that helps in treating your acne in the most effective manner. One of the many offerings of Exposed is the Exposed five piece basic kit. This skin care system includes all the products that are necessary to formulate a proper skin care regime. The Exposed five piece basic kit comprises of a facial cleanser, clearing tonic, acne treatment serum, clear pore serum and a free derm X cloth.

Exposed facial cleanser

For your skin to be acne free, it is important that it be clean in the first place. The Exposed facial cleanser performs this vital step of skin care i.e. cleaning. The Exposed facial cleanser is a gentle yet effective cleansing agent that helps wipe off debris and dead skin cells from your face. It also helps scours away excessive facial oils from the skin. it also penetrates into your skin pores to kill acne causing bacteria.

Exposed clearing tonic

The Exposed clearing tonic is non-comedogenic and hypo-allergenic. It penetrates into the skin pores to eliminate harmful contaminants. The clearing tonic also kills the causative organisms and discourages their growth. Packed with skin friendly ingredients such as aloe-vera, allantoin and pure hyaluronic acid, the clearing tonic helps in rejuvenating problem skin.

Exposed acne treatment serum

When dealing with acne, treating becomes an essential step in the skin care regime. The Exposed acne treatment serum performs this vital step and treats acne prone skin. This day time serum kills the existing pathogens in your skin pores and also discourages the growth of new bacteria. Comprising of a special formulation of micronized benzoyl and olive leaf extract, the acne treatment serum helps in treating pimples and zits effectively.

Exposed clear pore treatment serum

While the acne treatment serum works during the day, the clear pore serum works at night. The clear pore treatment serum is a lightweight gel that works on your skin as you sleep. Its skin friendly vitamins help in rejuvenating problem skin and bringing it back to normalcy. Other than treating your acne, the clear pore serum also helps in restoring the moisture balance of your skin.

Exposed special offer/Bonus- Free Derm X cloth

Along with the above basic components, the Exposed five piece kit also offers you a free Derm X cloth. Derm X is a dermatologist approved microdermabrasion cloth that helps you remove cosmetics, oil and dirt from your skin. The Derm X cloth is known to have an exfoliating effect on your skin. It exfoliates dead skin and makes your skin look fresher. It also helps in improving skin tone, reducing blemishes and firming the problem areas of your skin.

Free membership to exposed club

As a valued customer of exposed, you also get free membership to exposed club where in you get special offers and discount coupons for member only. As a valued member to Exposed club you save $10 on every purchase of acne kit.

The exposed 5 piece kit is priced at $85, but online you get it for just $49.95 and with your first purchase you become a member to exposed club wherein you save additional $10 as well!

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